Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pay Privately to Surf Privately

Anonymous VPN tunnels are growing in popularity.  No longer used only by corporate networks, the newest VPN services are an affordable way to protect your privacy when surfing the internet.  VPN services can also unblock censorship filters, allowing you to enjoy unrestricted access to your favorite websites when traveling abroad. is one VPN service that not only ensures the privacy of your VPN, they also recognize the need for a private payment method.

"Bitcoin has enabled our clients to signup for our service anonymously," states Andrew Lee, CEO of London Trust Media, which operates the service.  "Ten years ago, we never thought we would be accepting cash payments with instantaneous processing, and moreover, anonymity."

Users can purchase and use the VPN from by providing only an email address.  Bitcoin payments do not require any name, address, zip code, or any personal information to be attached to the payment.

Bitcoin sales on PIA are growing in popularity much faster than the other payment methods they accept.  "Every month, we have observed a steady 200% increase in Bitcoin VPN sales from the previous month," PIA states on a recent blog post.

Ashly Fahlstrom can access her favorite websites
while traveling in Asia, using a VPN and Bitcoin
Customers love the bitcoin VPN experience.  "I paid with bitcoins, and I am able to access my favorite websites while I am traveling in Asia!" says Ashly Fahlstrom, a PIA customer. uses the Bitcoin Payment Gateway API developed by BitPay.  BitPay's payment gateway is designed similar to payment gateways from most of the common credit card processors, so implementing the BitPay API did not require PIA to learn anything about bitcoin wallets or the bitcoin network.  

PIA receives a batch direct deposit into their bank account every business day, for the bitcoin sales they made the day before.  By using BitPay, PIA has zero risk of exchange rate volatility with bitcoin.

Andrew Lee continues:

BitPay has provided us a no-hassle Bitcoin acceptance solution that functions much better than its competitors. However, with BitPay, not only has everything has been perfect, but it has saved us a lot of time as well.  This has helped us focus on our core services without wasting time on payment processing/transfer issues.
When you compare it to other processing solutions who force you to have to work with "4th party" money transfer services, BitPay is a pretty obvious choice.  
Here is a short video demonstration of paying for a VPN using bitcoins:

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